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The recent acceleration in digital transformation has generated a demand for the quick deployment of custom solutions to enable automation and high ROI. The need for non-IT developers has also influenced the rise in low-code or no-code solutions, which eliminate the need for specialists and reduce the outsourcing of innovation or differentiated offerings. A solution

2022 Digital Trends

Welcome to the 2022 Digital Trends report! This annual Adobe survey, produced in collaboration with Econsultancy, captures insights from nearly 10,000 marketers, consultants and practitioners to map the evolution of marketing, advertising, content, commerce, and customer experience trends around the world. It identifies key opportunities for companies to refine their digital strategies and drive sustained

The State of Hybrid Cloud

The public cloud IaaS and PaaS market was worth $84.8 billion in 2019, and this combined market is anticipated to grow at 27% CAGR over the next five years, according to IDC. Within the context of this heavy push into the cloud, Virtana commissioned a survey to better understand organizations’ multicloud deployment, experience, and success.

The Complete Guide to Hybrid Cloud Optimization

The original premise of the public cloud was to provide a simple and cost-effective alternative to building, maintaining, and operating your own data center. But the reality is more complex, and ensuring your workloads continue to perform as expected at the lowest possible cost requires proactive attention. You have to consider thousands of configuration choices

The Complete Cloud Migration Planner

If your organization is a typical large enterprise, you’ll have hundreds to thousands of active applications—from the most straightforward internal file-sharing tool to your mission-critical internal and customerfacing workloads. And, the chances are that your organization is already in the cloud. Perhaps your business units leverage Google Office or Microsoft Office 365 for collaboration and


Most companies are embracing cloud, but very few are transitioning completely to public cloud. Even the most digitally advanced companies have a strong on-premises preference, but they are the most open to using cloud alongside this. Almost all workloads — with suitable  optimization — are now capable of running in the public cloud. However, most