Small and Medium Business Trends Report

For the fifth edition of the “Small and Medium Business Trends” report, we analyzed the  responses of more than 2,500 SMB owners and leaders around the world to determine: • How support from local communities has affected SMBs • What SMBs are doing to deepen trust with customers and employees • How technology helps SMBs

Power Platform Jumpstart

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group takes you through automation journey possibilities, demonstrating how Power Platform can accelerate ROI and business value. We ensure strategic alignment and produce a roadmap that supports your goals. Our experts help you identify a high-value use case, near-term KPIs and key measures of success. Then we lead your team through

How Salesforce does Inside Sales

Inside sales are the foundation of a successful sales organization. That was true when I started in sales over 30 years ago — and it’s even more true today. Buyers expect speed. They need guidance during uncertain times. And in this rapidly changing world, they want honest, human interactions. Inside sales are an efficient model

The five phases of digital engagement

The benefits of digital engagement have never been more clear. With a strong cloud digital engagement platform, you can operate under nearly any circumstances. Your customers enjoy shorter wait times and better, more consistent experiences. And your agents are freed from many mundane tasks. With the right strategy in place, you can evolve digital engagement

A practical guide to app messaging

Messaging apps make it easy for your customers to engage with you on the channels of their choice. Top apps have more than a billion users each, and these are often the same apps where consumers see your ads. Build your digital presence on the apps your target audiences use most.