Applications Whitepapers

2021 State of Data Governance and Empowerment

Organizations broadly agree that their data can be a differentiator and its effective use is existentially important. In fact, 84% of organizations agree that data represents the best opportunity to develop a competitive advantage during the next 12-24 months. Organizations understand that between the growth of data; the speed of data; the rate at which

Open source transforms the energy industry

The energy industry is responding to the challenge and opportunity of cloud-native computing models with a growing open source commitment that pools the forces of innovation for shared advantage. To maximize the benefit of open source, Wind River offers enterprise-level security, stability, and safety through products that include Wind River Linux, Titanium Linux, and Studio.

A practical guide to app messaging

Messaging apps make it easy for your customers to engage with you on the channels of their choice. Top apps have more than a billion users each, and these are often the same apps where consumers see your ads. Build your digital presence on the apps your target audiences use most.

When AppSec Integration Threatens Development, How Do You Safely Sustain Innovation?

You want AppSec tools in your development process, but anything less than full integration undermines your program’s effectiveness. Getting the right resources into developers’ hands typically requires: • Procuring new hardware: Your security team must source hardware, and then install application software and configure databases. • Building integrations: Next, security moves on to building connections—and

2020 State of application services report

The financial services industry continues to demonstrate technology leadership by implementing the newest technology available. This in turn challenges technology providers to offer business solutions that drive revenue, enhance customer engagement, and deliver on the promise of digital trust—all at a pace that is faster than their peers in other industries. We isolated finance professionals’

Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

Modern application design and the continued adoption of DevSecOps are expanding the scope of the AST market. Security and risk management leaders will need to meet tighter deadlines and test more complex applications by seamlessly integrating and automating AST in the software delivery life cycle. Strategic Planning Assumptions By 2025, 70% of attacks against containers