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4 Ways to Increase Developer Buy-In of AppSec

Automate and Integrate The easier you make it for developers to run AppSec tests, the more likely the tests will happen. Integrate the AppSec scans into the developers’ existing tools and processes and automate the tests. Did you know that organizations can integrate Veracode products into their tooling with more than 30 out-of-thebox integrations, plus


Application security is one of the great frontiers in information security Apart from the code that is authored by developers, virtually no modern application can avoid including open source libraries that provide functionality that would be extremely tedious to write from scratch. Whether we’re looking at a relatively common library with a rich feature set,

The App factory: A slow movement towards rapid change

These days, application delivery—especially in large organizations with a mix of new and heritage systems—is a bit … chaotic. Organizations are adopting DevOps practices and tools in an effort to speed up the delivery of applications to customers. But the transition hasn’t been smooth. Culture, tools, team structures, individual roles, and skill requirements are all

AppSec Best Practices vs. Practicality

In a perfect world, you would use nothing but best practices to guide your AppSec program’s development and implementation. In the real world, however, you are limited by time, budget, staff expertise, culture, and executive support. Fortunately, those limitations do not have to stop you from creating an AppSec program that can still get powerful