The last year has profoundly changed the way we live, work and do business. Contact centres were under increased pressures to accelerate digital transformations, including moving to remote working, adopting new technologies and handling sensitive customer scenarios. These changes have altered business requirements and priorities for customer and employee experience solutions. Whether you’re evaluating new

Five steps to master digital customer engagement

Digital customer engagement is evolving quickly. This year, customers will spend 25% more with companies that get digital transformation right. Web chat, social messaging apps and chatbots hold tremendous potential for customer engagement and support. But customer experience leaders often feel they’ve yet to realise the full potential of these digital channels. This ebook lays

The Connected Customer Experience

“The connected customer experience” report explores how people’s feelings have changed over the course of the pandemic—and how building trust and loyalty with today’s disconnected consumers requires companies to radically rethink the customer experience. Transform your CX today, with Business Systems and Genesys.

Power in numbers. Release on more platforms and enable crossplay

Make crossplay work your way. Releasing on multiple platforms with crossplay is vital to creating better player experiences. But the challenges of building in this functionality, whether for a title in development or even a live game, are formidable. Download our free ebook ‘Power in Numbers’ for rich insights into the many opportunities of crossplay.

Silver linings from 2020, for the future of work

Necessity is the mother of invention, and it appears that 2020 has accelerated workforce potential to be more agile and productive, from any location on any device, whilst staying secure. Dynamic Work, as we call it at Okta, may just be the biggest silver lining that emerges from the dark clouds of Covid19.

When moments matter.

Why every business needs to start delivering customer experiences in real time. Few companies are better than Netflix at meeting their customers in the moment. Everything they do is data driven.  They ingest more than 2 million data events per second and query more than 1.5 trillion rows per day to get detailed insights on

Breathe new life into the customer journey

Once upon a time, teams and technologies were built to gain insights around specific channels and devices. But in a world where customers constantly change devices—like Emma on her trip to the gas station, or Oliver moving between his accounts—knowing how customers behave on one device isn’t enough. It’s time to go beyond the device

Challenge or Opportunity? Take a new look at pay.

Unlock the power in payroll You’ve tackled some big challenges recently. Huge legislative payroll changes plus the technical issues of trying to manage payroll remotely during lockdown, often using systems and processes that haven’t changed in years for many businesses, despite the enormous changes around you.

Fear or Confidence. Take a new look at pay.

Tackle issues overlooked in better times, unlock the power of payroll, and thrive in the new low-touch economy. Back office operations designed for the ‘old normal’, and not deemed worthy of transformation in better times, came under the spotlight and were found wanting. Pay was perhaps the highest risk of all of these. The threat

Obsolete or Undiscovered? Take a new look at pay.

How payroll transformation can support your IT objectives In today’s market, the steps an organisation takes to improve its payroll operations are vital to safeguarding its agility, supporting employee well-being, as well as ensuring the efficiency and compliance of its digital infrastructure. Therefore, IT stakeholders now have an increased checklist of what they require from