When AppSec Integration Threatens Development, How Do You Safely Sustain Innovation?

You want AppSec tools in your development process, but anything less than full integration undermines your program’s effectiveness. Getting the right resources into developers’ hands typically requires: • Procuring new hardware: Your security team must source hardware, and then install application software and configure databases. • Building integrations: Next, security moves on to building connections—and

Understanding Your Open Source Risk

The demand on software development teams is greater than ever. With the cultural move towards DevOps, the implementation of CI/CD systems, and the desire to operate in an agile manner, developers are being asked to push out more software — and in shorter periods of time — than ever before. In turn, developers are increasingly

How Zendesk uses Slack

When technology is the core of your business, managing risk is a 24/7 concern. There are the big, infrastructural risks, like a complete outage of a cloud region. There are the bugs that might slip through and impact he customer experience. There’s the risk your data might be leaked, stolen or otherwise compromised. And for

Mobilizing employee productivity in the distributed workplace

Technology and dispersion: Shaping the modern workplace Today’s workforce is radically changing. Fewer employees are working in traditional office spaces and the number of remote employees has grown exponentially. The world is more distributed than ever with offices, employees, and devices—forcing additional IT demands on your business. Against the backdrop of this physical work environment,

Spark the employee experience with a Citrix Workspace and Microsoft 365 intelligent cloud

Reimagine the employee experience by increasing productivity and engagement  With 53 percent of employees disengaged at work, it’s not surprising 84 percent of global CEOs believe they need to rethink their workforce experience to improve productivity. The question is: rethink how? How to address complex business demands while providing the right desktop tools to meet

La checklist essenziale per definire la mappa del Customer Journey come essere sempre un passo avanti

Conoscete davvero bene i vostri clienti e il modo in cui le loro interazioni con la vostra organizzazione stanno cambiando? Sapete perché questi cambiamenti stanno avvenendo, potete adattarvi ad essi o addirittura prevenirli? Queste sono alcune delle domande più difficili a cui rispondere per qualsiasi leader, poiché le comunicazioni digitali stanno rapidamente diventando lo standard

Principles for multi-cloud success

It is common for IT departments to emphasize speed by empowering software developers to move quickly, but that is only half the race. In addition to accelerating the rate at which new software is launched (or existing software is updated), it is also vital to identify ways the overall business can be made more responsive

Balancing customer convenience with cybersecurity threads in financial services

Growing customer demand and cloud efficiency gains are accelerating development of innovative financial services applications—and, at the same time, exposing potential security vulnerabilities. Because sensitive financial data is so highly valued by bad actors, financial services organizations need to take every precaution to ensure secure application development and deployment while supporting governance, risk, and compliance

Modern Application Development Security

DevSecOps has moved security front and center in the world of modern development; however, security and development teams are driven by different metrics, making objective alignment challenging. This is further exacerbated by the fact that most security teams lack an understanding of modern application development practices. The move to microservices-driven architectures and the use of