Mobility Whitepapers

Five Lessons Learned from the Pivot to a Distributed Workforce

Given the circumstances of the recent global pandemic, organizations did the best they could to initially respond with the resources and technologies they had available. As organizations start to turn the corner on the initial “Respond” phase, it’s time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and how to plan for the future. As they

Prepararsi al workplace post-pandemia

Mentre le aziende guardano alle sfide che le attendono nel mondo post-pandemia, un’unica valutazione è condivisa da tutti: tornare a lavorare non significherà tornare alla normalità. Dopo mesi durante i quali il nostro modo di lavorare è cambiato, è difficile credere che l’ambiente di lavoro possa tornare quello di un tempo.

I cinque trend chiave delle reti aziendali per il 2020

Il 2020 è un anno dinamico per il settore delle reti aziendali. Il mondo sta affrontando una crisi sanitaria globale che sta causando difficoltà economiche nel breve termine. Le aziende sono in cerca di nuove soluzioni tecnologiche per ottimizzare il proprio percorso verso la trasformazione digitale. Questo documento descrive cinque importanti tendenze tecnologiche nel campo

How IoT is revolutionizing the factory

The Internet of Things is creating a new paradigm for today’s factories. By securely connecting information from machines and automation processes to the enterprise and analyzing the data they produce, IoT can help manufacturers: Lower costs and maximize efficiency Prevent costly production problems Enable innovations and new business lines With experience in implementing robust, secure

Enterprise Mobility Management

There isn’t one EMM solution that is the right choice for all companies. It is important to define the functional scope precisely and test suitable solutions. In addition to the functionalities offered, the type of operation and handling of the solution also play a crucial role. And it’s not just about the technology – the

Taming the Burgeoning Hybrid Cloud

Today, an agile enterprise increasingly means a cloud enterprise. But rapid adoption on a use-case basis has resulted in complex hybrid infrastructures over which enterprises have little control. In a recent worldwide survey conducted by IDG Research Services, IT managers indicate their cloud resource usage will increase an average of 54% over the next three

Mobile Content Management: Top 10 Considerations

The mobile office is a reality in today’s world. According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, telecommuting has increased more than 73 percent since 2005, meaning a burgeoning number of employees are accessing corporate documents and data on their mobile devices. In a recent IDG Enterprise survey, 82 percent of respondents reported that at least some

How mobile technologies are affecting organisations?

Adoption of tablets and smartphones in the workplace increased by 14% and 9% respectively over the last 12 months. But interestingly, the risks related to BYOD are underrated: 40% of SMBs have not yet set any BYOD security policy. These are some of the main findings revealed in a NetMediaEurope survey of 395 European decision