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Chart Your Journey with Real Stories from Real Customers As the nature of work continues to evolve, modern organizations face an ever-changing set of challenges. The consumerization of IT and an increasingly mobile workforce have created a generation of workers who interact with data and information in entirely new ways. If businesses want to keep


IT Needs a New Approach in a Changing World It’s clear that IT organizations are at a crossroads in today’s world of digital transformation. Cloud technology and mobility are changing the way people work, and redefining priorities for the technology teams that support them. Changes outside the workplace are impacting businesses as well. As people

Noise in the Customer Service Center

As our recent noise at work study proves, it is a growing issue. Open plan contact centres only amplify the noise generated by multiple conversations and telephones ringing. So how big is the problem? Whom does it affect the most? And which headset technologies can you rely on to prevent background noise from affecting the

EncorePro 3Way Audio

Audio quality The expectations of customers have changed. The ways they contact you have changed too. One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of clear conversations. The Plantronics EncorePro® gives you the audio quality to have clearer conversations with your customers.

Polycom ® RealPresence Centro™

We live in the most connected time in human history. Technology has transformed our increasingly virtual workforce’s expectations for how work gets done. Every day, we work in global teams, across multiple locations, and defy distance to collaborate across languages, cultures and diverse ideas. Polycom®RealPresence Centro™ changes the way we meet and collaborate so that