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Contact Centre as a Service. Unrivalled hybrid working gives customers and advisors amazing experiences from anywhere.

Today, more than ever, customers need to feel loved. They expect amazing service, simple digital journeys, and freedom to engage with your business on their own terms. Phone, mobile, chat, video, social. Whenever and wherever they want. Yet complex contact centre infrastructures make it hard to connect people, processes, and data. Unable to easily add

REPORT H1 2021. NPAW Business Intelligence Industry Report

This NPAW report examines the state of the video streaming industry on a global scale and dives deep to compare Q1-Q2 data from 2021 with last year’s findings, among others. The data featured was gathered via the NPAW Suite from January 1, 2021, to June 25, 2021, with comparison to previous year’s data. Key metrics

Wooo – BSL Group

Wooo! Turned to BSL Group With customer demand at record level, and under cost pressure, WOOO – We’re Out of the Office, a leading consulting & business process outsourcing company, needed to offer flexible solutions to its customers. Learn more about WOOO managed to balance the demand coming into the contact centre with Business Systems

Dentsu Aegis – BSL Group

BSL Group recently implemented the Genesys Cloud platform as the global telephony system for Dentsu Aegis network. Across 117 countries and multiple languages. And continuously delivers SLAs over 94%. In light of the Covid19 pandemic, Dentsu were able to continue providing a high service, unaffected due to the flexibility of the solution. Discover how the


The last year has profoundly changed the way we live, work and do business. Contact centres were under increased pressures to accelerate digital transformations, including moving to remote working, adopting new technologies and handling sensitive customer scenarios. These changes have altered business requirements and priorities for customer and employee experience solutions. Whether you’re evaluating new

The Connected Customer Experience

“The connected customer experience” report explores how people’s feelings have changed over the course of the pandemic—and how building trust and loyalty with today’s disconnected consumers requires companies to radically rethink the customer experience. Transform your CX today, with Business Systems and Genesys.

Real Time Containers for Intelligent Systems

By 2025, more than 85% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production (Gartner). Edge computing is forcing consolidation of software on devices close to the sources of data. Learn how new advancements in hardware and software let you leverage hardware compute power while maintaining a real-time guarantee. What you will learn: The

The Future of RTOS: Moving to the next level

The challenge and opportunity for today’s embedded systems lies in capturing the reliability, performance, and speed of RTOSes while deploying them in more open, more connected systems that are evolving from fixed function to AI infused. At the same time, RTOSes need to seamlessly integrate into more sophisticated system architectures that support AI and machine