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Genesys Cloud: la soluzione di contact-center all-in-one e sicura

Le relazioni con i clienti possono essere complicate. La tecnologia non dovrebbe esserlo. La soluzione Genesys Cloud™ semplifica l’interazione con i clienti e i potenziali clienti. Realizzata per gestire qualsiasi canale, Genesys Cloud trasforma chiamate, e-mail, chat, testi e messaggi in una conversazione coerente e costante, consentendo ai team di offrire Customer Experience eccezionali.  


It’s  a  new  era  in  IT.  The  end-­user  workforce  is  mobile,  social,  and  putting  huge  strains  on  your  Virtual  Desktop  Infrastructure  (VDI).  It’s  time  for  a  new   model,  one  that  liberates  you  from  costly  infrastructure  maintenance  and  delivers  the  service  and  availability  end-­users  demand. Yet,  the  complexities  of  implementing  VDI  at  scale,  specifically  having

Converged Infrastructure Systems Comparative Assessment

The importance of IT has never been greater. Companies are transforming their business models with digital technologies, leveraging emerging mobile and social platforms, and increasingly operating online. And all of these developments are powered by IT innovation. Yet, IT departments face critical challenges in meeting the ever-increasing demands of the business. With new generations of

A Practical Guide for Evaluating the Value of VCE Converged Infrastructure for Data Center Modernization

Cloud computing is transforming IT in terms of how services are delivered, how infrastructure is deployed and managed, and how IT organizations structure themselves. For the purposes of this study, Forrester is defining a cloud solution as having three major characteristics:“self-service access, full automation of processes and policies, and metering and tracking of usage.”1 It