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THE IMITATION GAME. Detecting and Thwarting Automated Bot Attacks

IT executives, contributors, and IT security teams in a range of industries understand that their growing arrays of public-facing applications, whether those are web, mobile, or API-based, are the targets of automated bot attack campaigns. Inexpensive and easy-to-launch automated malicious bot attacks exploit vulnerabilities in the business logic of these applications to hijack user accounts,


Application security is hard. We see headlines about data breaches almost daily. According to F5 Labs, web application attacks are the #1 single source entry point of successful data breaches. Additionally, the fallout from application attacks come with high costs. What is it about web applications that makes them so precarious? Insecure software. The challenges

Is it time to evolve your relationship with native cloud security and performance services?

We’re talking, of course, about your relationship with your cloud provider’s native application services for security and performance. Services which are, admittedly, perfectly fine—until you realize you need more. So, what are the signs that you’ve outgrown those cloud-native security and performance services? Before we go there, it’s worth remembering what attracted you to native

Making It Safe for Your People to Work Remotely

Security Risks to Watch for When People Work Remotely: Given the current global climate, it’s likely that your workforce has seen a huge increase in employees working from home. While you may have some security in place to accommodate this sudden shift, it’s tough to be fully prepared.  

Protecting the Enterprise Edge with Direct-to-cloud Connectivity and Security All Clouds Are Not Equal

Digital transformation initiatives often begin by replacing internally hosted applications with cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) that can be used from anywhere. However, many traditional backhauled networks often can’t keep up. Sending high volumes of traffic from remote locations through central offices can limit the productivity of users and overwhelm older networking and security

Cloud Security: A Buyer’s Guide

Evaluation Criteria: What to Look For in Your Solution:  As with any technology, cloud security vendors tout a wide range of attributes and features. It’s often hard to distinguish between what’s worth considering and what’s simply noise. Here are 13 points to keep top-of-mind while evaluating solutions and determining the best fit for your organization.

Proteggere il cloud con Fortinet

5 aree chiave in cui gli architetti devono potenziare gli strumenti di sicurezza nativi per il cloud I team di DevOps aziendali sono in prima linea nel percorso verso il cloud, ma molti trascurano le implicazioni di sicurezza del passaggio. Se si limitano ad accettare le offerte di sicurezza della loro piattaforma cloud, è probabile


Regulations in many countries require organizations to secure and encrypt any communications with their customers. The downside: those organizations now have to grapple with threats that hide within encrypted traffic. The use of codes and ciphers to protect sensitive information began thousands of years ago—the well-known “Caesar cipher” is named for Julius Caesar, who used