Security Whitepapers

Network Security Trends

Register for the Enterprise Strategy Group’s Research Insights paper “Understanding the State of Network Security Today”, to learn more about the challenges, changes, best practices and solution requirements for network security operations and tools. Key recommendations include taking a structural, platform-based approach in order to reduce security vulnerabilities. Download now!

Security at the Speed of Your Network

Download “Security at the Speed of Your Network” to learn why organizations are turning to an architectural approach to improve security posture, reduce costs and eliminate compromise. Learn how to secure higher traffic volumes on networks up to 100G with no trade-offs between security, performance and cost. Download now!

Security Delivery Platforms for Dummies

Read “Security Delivery Platforms for Dummies” to transform how security and monitoring tools are deployed on the network for better efficiency and effectiveness. Learn how to detect threats faster by removing network blind spots, monitor what’s happening across the global enterprise and optimize your security tools’ performance and efficacy.

2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report

Download the “2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report” to see how your peers are dealing with increased breaches, vulnerabilities and encrypted traffic. Reduce incident response times and the dependency on skilled security personnel. Gain key insights into the cyberthreat landscape and how other security pros are protecting their organizations. Download now!


Responding to the Security Challenge of a Changing IT Landscape Watching the rise of businesses that were born digital—think Uber and Airbnb— we see how technology serves as a competitive differentiator for these enterprises. Uber, for example, became the world’s largest taxi service without owning any cars; and Airbnb has emerged as the world’s largest


Security Is Top of Mind for Every Business As people, devices, and objects become more connected, protecting all these connections and environments has become more critical than ever. In a recent survey of IT priorities, 69 percent of respondents told Tech Pro Research that improving security represented their top IT initiative for 2017.1 In the

Pulsant Protect: Assess – Secure – Comply

As a leading provider of end-to-end hybrid solutions, security is inherent in everything we do. At Pulsant we invest time, effort and resource into protecting our customers, infrastructure and data. These same principles are applied to our dedicated security offering – Pulsant Protect. Learn all about it by downloading this brochure.


Security Is Top of Mind for Every Industry As people, devices, and objects become more connected, protecting all these connections and environments has become more critical than ever. At the same time, it’s also become one of the biggest challenges currently facing IT. Why? Because IT organizations across all industries must, by necessity, secure each

Four must-haves for a modern virtualization platform

Across all industries and businesses, digital transformation is going full throttle. Companies are transforming their businesses using software to invent new products, services, and even entirely new business models. New applications and workloads are also presenting themselves and must be supported in order for organizations to innovate and compete in the digital economy. At the