Data Protection Whitepapers

EU-US Data Privacy Framework: Your questions answered

The European Commission’s adequacy decision for the EU-US Data Privacy Framework is the latest chapter in the story of trans-Atlantic data transfers. While the adoption of such a decision has been long anticipated, its arrival has thrown up several questions about applicability, certification, impact, and other poignant topics related to the framework. These are your

Today’s OT Systems Need IT Security Capabilities

Industrial companies need strong OT cybersecurity programs to deal with today’s sophisticated threat environment. Facilities have become prime targets for ransomware and sophisticated nation-state attacks. Insecure IoT devices, cloud connections, and increased use of remote access have exploded the pathways for attacks on critical systems. This ARC report describes the major gaps in today’s OT

Causes and Consequences of IT and OT Convergence

Why Security Must Cover the Entire Attack Surface Until recently, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) had completely different purposes and were on separate, independent networks. But digital transformation (DX) is forcing the merger of the networks to reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain or maintain competitive advantage. A growing number of sectors are

2023 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report

Today, no one can doubt the importance of protecting OT systems. Operational technology controls the critical infrastructures that we all rely on—from managing the electrical grid to operating water and sewage systems, running transportation networks, manufacturing essential goods, and enabling global supply chains. And lest anyone forget, OT is also a key component of many

Securing endpoints and strengthening data protection

Costly ransomware attacks are on the rise. Developing a comprehensive strategy to protect your endpoints and your data is more critical than ever. In this webcast, you’ll learn best practices to strengthen endpoint security and data protection.   What you will learn Detect previously overlooked vulnerabilities that could be exploited Use key features for patching

Secure Every Part of Your Business: Data Protection in 2023

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, and your backup is your last line of defence when it comes to ransomware attacks. You need to ensure your systems, applications and data are protected and protect your critical backups too. Finding the correct data protection software solution for your business will allow you to recover data quickly, reducing

How to Build an Effective Data Security Strategy

Data security has always been a top priority for you. But flexible work environments and cloud services have altered how and where your employees can connect and in turn, where your data resides. The more spread out your data is, the less visibility and control you have. As a result, 66% of organizations have experienced

Secure Remote Access with Okta and Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks and Okta offer a joint solution that: • Enables business agility with integrated, cloud-delivered services that deploy quickly, scale to meet demand, and are centrally managed. • Lowers risk to the business from cyberattacks and reputation-damaging security breaches. • Reduces cost and complexity by eliminating security point products and decreasing on premises