Ransomware Whitepapers

As Organizations Evolve, So Does Ransomware

Understanding 2021’s Biggest Ransomware Attacks Can Save You in 2022 and Beyond. 57% of security leaders believe they will experience a ransomware attack within the next year, with 83% of them concerned about damage to their business reputation in the event of an attack.* Ransomware is not a new threat, but the tactics that attackers are using

Preparing for Attacks that Seek Total Annihilation

IT and security pros have been battling serious threats for a long time. On the one hand are risks like power outages, hardware failures and natural disasters. On the other are malicious insiders and crafty hackers, armed to the teeth with innovative tools and techniques for exploiting vulnerabilities and creating increasingly sophisticated viruses, malware and

Lessons learned from a recent ransomware recovery

A glance at the headlines shows that the IT world is a dangerous place today. Organizations of all stripes are suffering devastating ransomware attacks; a few of the highest profile ones include Colonial Pipeline, JBS and Kaseya. But the problem is not limited to corporations — SMBs, government agencies, school districts, healthcare providers and many

Win the War Against Ransomware

6 TIPS TO FEND OFF SECURITY THREATS WITHOUT PAYING A KING’S RANSOM Ransomware is indeed big business. But to win the war against this cyber threat, without paying a king’s ransom, you need a strong defense. Rather than arming yourself with catapults and battering rams, consider these six tips to protect against the threat of