False Economies

Cynics say that corporate sustainability strategies are all very well when times are good. But, they ask, how long will firms continue these policies if the financial downturn affecting us all bites harder? Actually, it becomes more, not less important, argues Dinah McLeod, head of the sustainability practice at BT Global Services.

Sustainability Comes Of Age

Thinking about cutting back your company’s efforts in this arena to cope with the downturn? Well, think again. Sustainability has become a core business issue that offers rare opportunities in a tough climate… Running your business on sustainable lines is a necessity for successful financial performance as well as a significant business opportunity with real

BT Italia: Benefiting The Environment

The new I.NET Business Factory data centre, established in Milan in 1994 and merged into BT Italia in 2008, taps underground water for sustainable cooling. It is a market leader in security and business continuity solutions for Italian internetoriented businesses, but most importantly provides customers with the assurance that their mission critical data and applications