MALWAREWARE SECURITY REPORT: Protecting your Busines, Customers, and the Bottom Line

This white paper will help you understand the threat from malware and how it can impact your online business. You’ll learn about criminals’ motivations for distributing malware through the web and how they infect web servers to make distribution possible. This paper also highlights techniques administrators can use to detect when and how attackers have

Recent Advancements in SSSL based Security Solution

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the de facto standard for e-commerce security. It confronts the potential problems of unauthorized viewing of confidential information, data manipulation, data hijacking, phishing, and other insidious web site scams by encrypting sensitive data so that only authorized recipients can access it. In addition, through authentication, SSL helps provide your web

VeriSign EV Certificates Deliver a 48,000% ROI for Dwell

After its success with the VeriSign Secured® Seal, contemporary furniture supplier Dwell of the UK decided to find out how much further help the VeriSign® Extended Validation (EV) Certificate would provide. The green bar boosted conversion rates by 13.8% and monthly sales by £18,000 — a 48,000% return on investment. Find out more by downloading

Maximising Site Visitor Trust Using Extended Validation SSL

Since early 2007, online companies are able to definitively demonstrate their identity to customers — and customers can confirm this identity before trusting sites. This opportunity comes as a result of the greatest development in the Web’s secure backbone in over 10 years. It is the introduction of a new kind of SSL Certificate, the

Providing a Secure and Customer-Focused Online Travel Portal

Choosing the strongest level of encryption available from the world’s leading SSL Certificate Authority has always been important for Opodo to reassure their customers that any personal information (payment and personal details) entered into Opodo’s sites remains private and secure. Deploying the latest standard in SSL in the easiest, most cost-effective has been key to