Script Logic

Implementing PCI Compliance with ScriptLogic

ScriptLogic is a leading global provider of systems lifecycle management solutions spanning physical, virtual and terminal environments enabling IT professionals to proactively save time, increase security, and maintain regulatory compliance through the seamless management of Windows desktops, servers, and Active Directory. More than 26,000 customers of varying size and industry use ScriptLogic solutions to manage

In Desktop Management One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the biggest complexities in desktop management is the fact that no organization has a single desktop configuration and need. Sure, some organizations strive for that by buying the same hardware and by locking down the desktop configuration – but the fact is that some users continue to have unique needs. Some users dial

The Server Security Management Personality Quiz

We all know that server security management can be a difficult, complex job. A lot of what you need to work with – event logs, permissions, and so forth – are widely-distributed, making what should be simple tasks turn into a swamp of manual effort. With the right tools and techniques, you can stay high,