Protecting Microsoft SQL Server at Scale

Chris Lumnah is an Advisory Solutions Architect with 20 years of database experience. He has spent 15 plus years as a production DBA managing large scale SQL Server environments as well as being a consultant. The last 4 years has been spent with Rubrik helping customers protect their SQL Server, SAP HANA and MySQL environments. He

Protecting Microsoft SQL Server at Scale

Join Chris Lumnah, Database Solutions Architect at Rubrik, and Chris Wolff, Database Solutions Architect, as they answer some of the most common questions database teams have when protecting thousands of Microsoft SQL Server databases at scale.  They will provide a glimpse into today’s new requirements that will keep databases secure and available, streamline management operations,

IDC EDGE Automation Red Hat Intel On-Demand Webinar

This webinar which discusses how automating data and infrastructure at the Edge is driving innovation and growth, aims to help viewers understand what’s really happening in the Edge market. The conductor is Andrew Buss, Research Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC. He is joined by two guest speakers: Salim Khodri, EMEA Edge Computing Go To Market

Utility Week 22nd April Personalisation at Speed

View this webinar to understand how utilities can use artificial intelligence (AI) to drive personalisation and hear from Severn Trent and CX thought leaders on key trends shaping customer experience in the utilities sector.  How utility firms are delivering personalised service across different channels – and what could be holding this back. As well as

The Future of RTOS: Moving to the next level

The challenge and opportunity for today’s embedded systems lies in capturing the reliability, performance, and speed of RTOSes while deploying them in more open, more connected systems that are evolving from fixed function to AI infused. At the same time, RTOSes need to seamlessly integrate into more sophisticated system architectures that support AI and machine

The evolving role of the Finance Leader – webinar

The role of Finance has morphed over the year, moving from a supporting role to become an even more strategic business partner that’s essential to helping their organisation navigate the choppy waters of extreme uncertainty.  In becoming more visible and versatile, senior Finance Leaders have begun to forge the agenda for business growth making this