Vidyo Helps CERN Connect 20,000 Scientists to Collaborate Globally on Research that Explores the Mysteries of the Universe

Finding out what the universe is made of and how it works requires an enormous amount of collaboration. A community of 20,000 scientists from over 600 institutes collaborate with CERN and working together closely and communication in such context is essential. Since 1996, video conferencing has played an essential role in CERN’s operations. Most recently,

The Forrester Wave™: Desktop Videoconferencing, Q3 2013

Desktop Videoconferencing Is Changing The Game Technology improvements are lowering the infrastructure and price barriers to using videoconferencing, making it available to more people and generating new applications. Videoconferencing suppliers are scrambling to reposition themselves to take advantage of these new opportunities. CIOs Should Plan To Support Videoconferencing On Multiple Devices Room-based videoconferencing continues to

Driving Productivity with a Video-Enabled Workforce

Few businesses have remained untouched by the evolution of the networked society, distributed work teams, and a growing trend for work shifting that allows people to intersperse work and personal lives seamlessly. Leading organizations are developing approaches—from social networks to video conferencing—to break down communication silos among dispersed teams and promote productivity through better collaboration