What is VxWorks – Wind River

VxWorks®, the industry’s leading real-time operating system (RTOS), delivers all the performance, determinism, reliability, safety, and security capabilities you need to meet the highest standards for running the embedded computing systems of the most important critical infrastructure.

Cybersecurity and Secure Deployments

Cybersecurity and secure software deployment are issues that cut across multiple sectors— aerospace, defense, energy, critical infrastructure, industrial automation, medical devices, telecommunications, and more. What these disparate sectors have in common is that a malicious, network-borne intrusion can cause untold damage, whether financial or physical, and even threaten human safety. Fortunately, there are security-strengthening techniques

Robotics advance with AI technologies

Despite surging interest in industrial robotics, fundamental challenges still exist when trying to perform business operations and automate workflows across hybrid network environments and disparate systems. But recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) combined with new communication technologies, including 5G, help integrate robotics into software-defined infrastructures as part of the full-scale digital transformation of organizations.

The New Intelligent Edge

On the IT side of your organization, the constant drumbeat around digitally transforming the company dominates conversations. Digital is not just an idea. It is part of the new DNA for organizational success—so much so that over 68% of publicly traded companies mention the progress of their digitally transforming activities in their quarterly filings, because

NFV adoption to transform telecommunications infrastructure

Communications Service Providers (CSPs), including wire line, wireless, and cable providers, need to innovate to keep up with the competitive pressure of the rapidly changing network environment. As more of the value (and revenues) flow to over-the-top service providers like Google and Amazon, CSPs face the prospect of increasingly becoming providers of commodity-like transport services.