Productivity Whitepapers

Surviving Migration to Office 365

Many organizations have migrated from a traditional on-premise Microsoft  Office deployment to one that leverages the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which gives users access to their data and business applications anywhere, at any time. The determination of whether or not to migrate is typically made by an IT decision maker: CTO, CIO or senior executive in

SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 is one of Microsoft’s biggest leaps forward in data platforms, making strides in terms of: • Mission Critical Performance: It offers superior performance, security upgrades, high availability and scalability.• Deeper insights across data: Letting users access any data, scale and manage their data, providing powerful insights on any device, and advanced analytics.•

Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Security

This paper describes a security methodology for governing a hybrid, on-premises/Azure Active Directory environment. System administrators will find detailed explanations and checklists for improving their security posture and keeping their on-premises AD from becoming the Achilles’ heel of their Azure AD and Office 365 security. Learn more by downloading this Whitepaper.