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Are Unprotected Cloud Databases Leaking Your Data?

Digital Risk is Shifting to the Cloud Cloud services are frequently associated with digital transformation and innovation; however, these services also expand cyber attack surfaces for threat actors to exploit. According to Oracle’s 2020: Top Ten Cloud Predictions1, 7 out of 10 organizations will keep business-critical data in the cloud. While moving to cloud apps

Principles for multi-cloud success

It is common for IT departments to emphasize speed by empowering software developers to move quickly, but that is only half the race. In addition to accelerating the rate at which new software is launched (or existing software is updated), it is also vital to identify ways the overall business can be made more responsive

Gain deeper cloud visibility and make data-driven decisions

Picture this: The long-awaited overhaul of your application is finally launched when, almost immediately, errors start popping up on the dashboard you and the app business owner are monitoring. You have no idea what’s wrong. It could be anything, from a networking issue, to a cyberattack, to a flaw in the application code. Fortunately, your

Is it time to evolve your relationship with native cloud security and performance services?

We’re talking, of course, about your relationship with your cloud provider’s native application services for security and performance. Services which are, admittedly, perfectly fine—until you realize you need more. So, what are the signs that you’ve outgrown those cloud-native security and performance services? Before we go there, it’s worth remembering what attracted you to native

Top 5 Challenges of Extending Data Centers to the Public Cloud

Challenges of extending data centers to the public cloud. Before reaping the benefits of public cloud, organizations must successfully integrate their on-premises data centers with the off-premises cloud, which is no easy task. There are many technical, process, and skill differences required to leverage these environments. Explore how VMware CloudTM on AWS helps to address