Digital Whitepapers

What can a DXP do for marketers?

Enterprise marketers today are tasked with continuously delivering engaging, personalized digital experiences in multiple channels. To attract, convert, and retain customers, marketers must present relevant content, in an optimized format, no matter how customers want to access information or make purchases. They must ensure that these digital experiences are consistent at each moment in the

How unified communications and contact center integration drives business success

Delivering a great customer experience takes a village. In the age of hybrid and remote work, businesses must bring their applications together to bring their people together. By tightly integrating the contact center and business communications, organizations can break down barriers between employees and foster a customer-centric culture. When departments, teams, and employees can easily

Utility Week 22nd April Personalisation at Speed

View this webinar to understand how utilities can use artificial intelligence (AI) to drive personalisation and hear from Severn Trent and CX thought leaders on key trends shaping customer experience in the utilities sector.  How utility firms are delivering personalised service across different channels – and what could be holding this back. As well as

Severn Trent Case Study

In 2022, Customer Experience is a clear differentiator for utilities providers. Like all organisations, during lockdown Severn Trent had to find ways to maintain service in the face of reduced staffing levels in the contact centre. Read their story to understand how they transformed their contact centre, delivered significant savings, exceeded customer service targets and

Experience as a service for public sector

How has the way in which citizens contact public sector organisations changed, and how does the public sector responds to citizens? Has there been a shift in the public sector’s attitude and approach to ‘customer service’, alongside a shift in methods of communication? Do citizens feel that the public sector understands their needs, intentions and