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Why wait to pursue net zero?

Build a sustainable business model now Around the world, governments and businesses are realising that the targets they have announced are not good enough and they need to be bolder and take action sooner. Major economies such as the UK and the US now consider this decade to be decisive in the fight against climate

Reducing energy costs and driving growth

The global energy landscape is changing. As we continue to shift from centralised generation towards more decentralised renewable power, the grid can no longer rely on large, centralised power stations to meet demand. In this paper, we explore the sustainability challenges facing businesses today and outline how energy optimisation can help reduce costs, increase flexibility

Distributed Energy Future Trends

We are still seeing that organisations which view energy as a strategic asset, rather than a cost, continue to outperform their competition—implementing more advanced energy solutions which help improve operational efficiency, better control business risk, improve resilience and drive enhanced financial performance. As the trend towards digitalisation continues, energy is becoming more fundamental to the

The Energy Opportunity Report

Exploring how new approaches to energy can power business performance Centrica Business Solutions’ research with over 1,000 energy decision-makers globally found that more and more organisations are now starting to take control of their energy, with 1 in 3 exploring how energy can contribute to their business growth, drive deeper efficiencies and reduce business risk.