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IRV is a reinsurance enterprise, working with reinsurance companies all around the world. Historically, the firm had relied on traditional telecommunications channels such as phone, fax, and email. In 2012, as the company’s existing phone system was nearing nine years of age, it decided that the time was right to introduce new unified communication tools

Cisco UCS with Intel Xeon Processors: Built for Virtualization and Consolidation

Although virtualization technology has made server consolidation possible, it has also created many challenges. Infrastructure is complex, difficult, and time consuming to scale. Network ownership is split between network and server administrators. Security is managed by least-common-denominator approaches. And the massive number of virtual machines these environments spawn taxes server, network, and storage administrator time.

Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solution with Citrix XenDesktop: Deliver Desktops and Applications as On-Demand Services

Businesses today face new challenges. Users want limitless flexibility in the ways they get their work done, and IT departments are recognizing the need to reestablish control over their desktops and the mission-critical data that is distributed across their global enterprises. This challenge can be addressed by the Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solution with Citrix XenDesktop,

Cisco Publishes Industry’s First and Best VMware View Planner Benchmark Result

Today’s user workloads are becoming ever more intense: they include a wider range of demanding applications, all with users expecting quick response times. They perform operations such as document preparation, spreadsheet manipulation, web browsing, presentation preparation, and video streaming. The VMware View Planner benchmark helps organizations through their virtual desktop planning processes by precisely measuring

Enhanced Messaging & Collaboration for Businesses of All Sizes

In today’s business world, enterprise messaging and collaboration have become mission critical components of IT infrastructures. They directly affect every employee’s communications and productivity, so it’s imperative to improve the scalability and flexibility of computing infrastructures, storage capacities, and storage performance in order to fully support and scale Microsoft Exchange servers. Access this resource to