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Milkman home delivery platform

Main Capabilities Milkman Order Management System is the core of Milkman Home Delivery Platform. It offers technology and expertise for designing optimal delivery experiences to logistics teams and organizations. It’s configured to manage the end to end order life cycle, orchestrating the following main services: – order ingestion – service negotiation – shipper and recipient

Public MediaMarkt and Milkman Technologies

An omnichannel approach for handling unexpected times Discover how Public MediaMarkt and Milkman Technologies enabled a successful omnichannel approach to manage the delivery process with a strong customer focus. “We needed to create additional capacity to satisfy high consumer demand and do it fast. So, we thought about using taxis. As tourism industry was inactive

Lessons learned from a recent ransomware recovery

It’s all well and good to talk abstractly about strategies for recovering from a ransomware attack, but there’s nothing like learning from realworld experience. This whitepaper explores the key lessons learned during a recent successful ransomware recovery of Active Directory at a global manufacturing company.

What you don’t know about office 365 and azure ad

For over 20 years, Quest Software has added value to the Microsoft platform. They offer a wide range of solutions that complement the functionality that Microsoft provides, from streamlining the process of modernizing to newer platforms like Office 365 to making it far easier to manage and secure an on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment.

Intelligent and Self-governing: The future of modular cloud ERPs

Evolving market conditions and rising customer expectations are compelling organizations to embrace cutting-edge technologies and digital transformation solutions. At the center of digitalization of the IT core are the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Standardized, inflexible cloud ERP integrations are unable to address the burgeoning volumes of business and consumer data, and growing complexity of

How to iterate faster with CI/CD and playtesting

The very nature of creating games as avservice (GaaS) requires them to be built in a way that evolves over time, continuously releasing new, high quality features to players. Working in iteration loops does this by creating and testing in small increments, giving studios a fast, efficient method of designing, validating and evaluating new features