Software Whitepapers

Build a dynamic and flexible roadmap with AWS

Are your day-to-day efforts spent keeping up with evolving customer demands? Innovation differentiates software businesses and helps meet evolving customer expectations. To meet market challenges, you need to: Rapidly introduce new functionality to your product Provide features focused on customer needs and flex capabilities to demand Increase satisfaction and retention Choosing where to invest time

Steering the Shift of Software Innovation

Build a cloud and SaaS future and empower teams to fast-track development Meeting customer demand is a significant challenge for software businesses. End customers want new ways to increase predictability and control and minimize cost and risk. Expectations for more convenient, subscription-based software are growing at speed. Looking towards a cloud and SaaS future is

Milkman home delivery platform

Organisations deal with volatile demand, short inventory and limited transportation capacity: mastering the last mile is necessary to feed customer requests and ensure business success. With Milkman Home Delivery Platform, organisations will be able to offer an interactive last mile strategy focused on experience first. Based on AI-powered algorithms, the Platform eliminates infeasible deliveries and

Public Group and Milkman Technologies

An omnichannel approach for handling unexpected times Discover how Public Group and Milkman Technologies enabled a successful omnichannel approach to manage the delivery process with a strong customer focus. “We needed to create additional capacity to satisfy high consumer demand and do it fast. So, we thought about using taxis. As tourism industry was inactive

Reshaping the Last Mile for Customer-Centric Omni-Channel Shopping Journeys

“78% of European Retailers see intelligent last mile delivery as the most important digital transformation program”: reveals the latest IDC InfoBite commissioned by Milkman Technologies, “Reshaping the Last Mile for Customer-Centric Omnichannel Shopping Journeys” (IDC #EUR148942122, March 2022). The IDC InfoBite provides trends and predictions about how last mile optimisation leads to cost-effective and sustainable

Lessons learned from a recent ransomware recovery

It’s all well and good to talk abstractly about strategies for recovering from a ransomware attack, but there’s nothing like learning from realworld experience. This whitepaper explores the key lessons learned during a recent successful ransomware recovery of Active Directory at a global manufacturing company.

What you don’t know about office 365 and azure ad

For over 20 years, Quest Software has added value to the Microsoft platform. They offer a wide range of solutions that complement the functionality that Microsoft provides, from streamlining the process of modernizing to newer platforms like Office 365 to making it far easier to manage and secure an on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment.