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Edge computing in Telco Networks: gaining the competitive edge

Independent market research and competitive analysis of next-generation business and technology solutions for service providers and vendors. Heavy Reading has been conducting surveys focused on edge computing or with an edge computing component for more than five years. Past surveys show uncertainty regarding what edge computing is and more uncertainty as to how it would

5G Technology Transformation Explained

With the 5G era commencing, service providers must ensure that their infrastructures have the cloud-native, containerized, service-based architectures necessary to capitalize on the opportunities 5G presents. To outperform competitors, a service provider will need the right security, visibility, and control to protect its 5G network and customers, and to enable the adaptive applications that will

5G Edge infrastructure – Fast track to the 5G edge

5G Standalone (SA) introduces a new operational and service paradigm for service providers. It eliminates the hardware-centric, centralized architectures of the past and embraces a cloud-native, distributed infrastructure for building and operating networks. The approach uses microservices, running in software containers on a service-based architecture (SBA), to deliver services all the way from the core

Attacker Economics

Automated attacks are proliferating against organizations around the globe. As the cost and investment of launching these attacks continues to plummet, companies are increasingly experiencing credential stuffing attacks that can lead to account takeover and fraud. The ingredients required for these attacks—previously compromised consumer credentials found on the dark web, tools to orchestrate an attack,

Credential Stuffing 2021: The Latest Attack Trends and Tools

From the stereotypical loner in the basement to organized criminal gangs and nation states, attackers have become increasingly sophisticated over the past decade. They have the same skills, tools, and services at their fingertips as your IT teams do. This includes the ability to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create sophisticated

The Industrialization of Fraud: Fighting Fire With Fire

The Industrialization of Fraud: Fighting Fire With Fire, commissioned by Shape—part of F5—and produced by Aite Group, discusses the sophisticated attack strategies employed by organized crime rings as they methodically and systematically leverage the vast amount of breached data to perpetrate financial crime. This white paper also provides a series of best practices that firms

Making the Most out of Analytics

The complexity and distribution of modern applications across cloud and private platforms creates challenges in visibility, analytics, and troubleshooting. By keeping data siloed or restricted to regional owners or functional teams, we expose applications to critical negative business impacts. Merging and finding relationship between distributed analytics, like application telemetry, events, and logs provides new insight

Principles for multi-cloud success

It is common for IT departments to emphasize speed by empowering software developers to move quickly, but that is only half the race. In addition to accelerating the rate at which new software is launched (or existing software is updated), it is also vital to identify ways the overall business can be made more responsive