Small and Medium Business Trends Report

For the fifth edition of the “Small and Medium Business Trends” report, we analyzed the  responses of more than 2,500 SMB owners and leaders around the world to determine: • How support from local communities has affected SMBs • What SMBs are doing to deepen trust with customers and employees • How technology helps SMBs

How Salesforce does Inside Sales

Inside sales are the foundation of a successful sales organization. That was true when I started in sales over 30 years ago — and it’s even more true today. Buyers expect speed. They need guidance during uncertain times. And in this rapidly changing world, they want honest, human interactions. Inside sales are an efficient model

Trends in Financial Services

What you´ll find in this report: For the “Trends in Financial Services” report, Salesforce Research surveyed financial services leaders worldwide at two key junctures: immediately preceding the pandemic, and again nearly a year later. Combined, these two studies provide perspective into the financial services industry’s evolution and what growth-minded organizations do differently from their competitors.

The future of law firms. Now.

As a general trend, clients are increasingly insisting that the law firms delivering their legal expertise provide more engagement and insight, as well as demonstrate how they plan to reduce their environmental impact. To respond to changing client needs and reach new and existing clients through highly targeted digital marketing, law firms need to make

Trends in manufacturing: Insights from 750 leaders on future-proofing their business

What You’ll Find in This Report: For the Trends in Manufacturing report, Salesforce Industry Insights surveyed 750 manufacturers worldwide to discover how: • The uncertainty initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic revealed an urgent need for business agility — as well as an opportunity to reimagine sales and operations planning (S&OP) • Customer-adjacent roles have been

Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management

Gartner defines field service management (FSM) as a discrete market within the broader customer service and support software market. Field service providers (FSPs) typically dispatch technicians to remote locations to provide installation, repair or maintenance services for equipment or systems. They may manage, maintain and monitor these assets under a predefined service or maintenance contract. Gartner’s view of the FSM market

Get your SME Ready for the Future

A Guide on How People and Tech Can Help You Future-Proof Your Business Even during challenging times or periods of uncertainty, small businesses who want to stay on the right path can always find tools and strategies that will help them keep growing and prospering. This guide will take you through what you need to