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Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) Checklist

The data transfer landscape has changed markedly since the CJEU’s judgment in the Schrems II case. The decision invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield and cast doubt over the effectiveness of the European Commission’s existing Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). In the fallout from the decision, the European Commission issued a revised set of SCCs for organizations

Data Governance Preparedness: Using Data Catalogs to Ensure Your Organization Has the Relevant Insights to Weather Any Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic caught global organizations of all sizes and industries by surprise. Many have suffered dramatically, some closing their operations permanently, while others have been able to adapt but not without challenges. In times of crisis, sound decision-making is paramount to short-term survival as well as long-term resiliency and it is reliant on timely

Why Omni-Channel without unified desktops remains multi-channel mayhem

With a multitude of customer engagement channels today, it is difficult for companies to know where to focus their efforts. Contact centers are trying, but failing, to modernize and deliver on the evolving expectations of today’s customers. This paper looks at the barriers which prevent companies delivering omni-channel service and then goes on to look

Digital Transformation in Hotels

One of the main advantages of the Internet is the large amount of qualitative and quantitative information that we can get there, practically in real time, about users, their interests, their needs and changes in consumption habits. What will make a strategic difference is the ability to analyze that information with clear judgment, decide what

Cyber Defender Strategies: What Your Vulnerability Assessment Practices Reveal

In this report, we analyze real-world end-user vulnerability assessment (VA) behaviour using a machine learning (ML) algorithm to identify four distinct strategies, or “styles.” These are based on five VA key performance indicators (KPIs) which correlate to VA maturity characteristics. This study specifically focuses on key performance indicators associated with the Discover and Assess stages

ADP ReThink 2020

Il nostro report analizza il payroll internazionale, l’innovazione e il coinvolgimento dei dipendenti, rivelando ciò che è possibile imparare da pensatori di spicco, quali la dott.ssa Dambisa Moyo, relatrice al World Economic Forum, e Duncan Wardle, ex responsabile “Innovation and Creativity” di Walt Disney Company. Il report contiene anche case study di aziende come PayPal