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How can Content-Aware Identity and Access Management give me the control I need to confidently move my business forward?

Managing the identities and access rights of those inside and outside the enterprise has become a primary concern for IT organizations today. Reducing IT risk, meeting regulatory requirements, and increasing efficiencies are all central to your business. At the same time, you need to develop new and innovative ways of expanding your business, as well

How can I obtain identity and access management as a cloud service?

Organizations are facing a unique combination of market pressures including a heightened urgency for IT departments to do more with less while helping the business remain agile enough to take advantage of market opportunities. Meanwhile, security concerns abound with growing and increasingly diverse sets of users, applications and access methods. The question facing many is,

The Emergence of Service Assurance for Enterprise IT

In June 2010, CA Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate issues surrounding the assurance of critical business services and applications. In surveying more than 150 IT professionals with direct responsibility for network, systems, and/or application delivery, Forrester found that all of these enterprises had fundamental issues around managing the performance of these applications and business

Linking Infrastructure Management and Application Performance Management to Ensure Reliable Service Delivery

For years, enterprises, government agencies and service providers have sought ways to effectively identify, locate and resolve the problems affecting critical business applications and expedite an accurate, complete resolution. One way these organizations have attempted to achieve this goal is by linking the activities of the infrastructure management team with those of its colleagues in