IT Transformation Whitepapers

How IoT is revolutionizing the factory

The Internet of Things is creating a new paradigm for today’s factories. By securely connecting information from machines and automation processes to the enterprise and analyzing the data they produce, IoT can help manufacturers: Lower costs and maximize efficiency Prevent costly production problems Enable innovations and new business lines With experience in implementing robust, secure

Why Omni-Channel without unified desktops remains multi-channel mayhem

With a multitude of customer engagement channels today, it is difficult for companies to know where to focus their efforts. Contact centers are trying, but failing, to modernize and deliver on the evolving expectations of today’s customers. This paper looks at the barriers which prevent companies delivering omni-channel service and then goes on to look

Three practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches for field service management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact every industry and every business discipline—including field service management. But how quickly will practical solutions be available that enable the typical medium to large field service organization to take advantage of AI? And by practical solutions, I mean AI that delivers knowledge efficiently, processes solutions to complex data sets, and


With the proliferation of smart devices, connected sensors and a constant and insatiable need for data-driven insights, IT has moved from back office functionality to executive strategy. Businesses need to move at the speed of technology. They need to develop and rapidly deploy new applications, optimise IT resources, control costs and deliver the best possible