IT Transformation Whitepapers

What can a DXP do for marketers?

Enterprise marketers today are tasked with continuously delivering engaging, personalized digital experiences in multiple channels. To attract, convert, and retain customers, marketers must present relevant content, in an optimized format, no matter how customers want to access information or make purchases. They must ensure that these digital experiences are consistent at each moment in the

Elastic and Google Cloud Vodcast

Still trying to get the most from your data? It is well known that data management is one of the key challenges for businesses. Maintaining security whilst attaining economic profit is not an easy task. Data can truly leverage the digital transformation of your company.Together, Robert Strange, Senior Director, Solution Architecture at Elastic and Brigitte

Breaking Free from Remediation

UK financial institutions find themselves at the forefront of the drive against money laundering – a crime that is estimated to cost the UK economy £365bn each year, according to Transparency International UK. This paper lays out a transformative approach to KYC – one that frees institutions from continuous remediation cycles and manual processes through

Transforming financial crime prevention

KYC is one of the largest operational costs for UK banks. And yet each year, more and more fraudulent businesses infiltrate the system. It’s time for change. In this paper, Experian lay out a step-by-step approach banks can use to introduce automated event-driven reviews for KYC. This process dramatically reduces the volume of manual checks

The Next Value Accelerator for IT

The COVID-19 pandemic has created several new difficulties for global workforces and brought many existing challenges into sharp relief. For the first time, tens of millions of people are suddenly working in relative isolation amid varying circumstances. They might be at their primary or secondary home, caring for parents or children, or even on a