Your account takeover prevention checklist

The rapid rise in account takeover (ATO) attacks is a major concern for every modern business. Alongside huge financial losses, data breaches can have a disastrous impact on customer loyalty and destroy reputations that took years to build in minutes. But what steps can your organisation take to mitigate these risks, and can a modern

Start your Zero Trust journey with identity

Credential-based attacks are soaring. To protect employees beyond the traditional IT perimeter and eliminate the risk of data breaches through password theft, Zero Trust adoption is now a key priority for every digital business. Yet, locking down access without bringing workflows to a halt remains a complex challenge for many IT and Security leaders. To

7 ways identity accelerates IT modernisation

The pressure to modernise IT has never been greater. To protect their customers and workforce from harm, and to remain competitive in a digital-first world, organisations must embrace the cloud at scale. Yet, retiring ageing legacy IT systems is often a painfully complex process that slows down operational performance while increasing the risk of cyberattacks.

Okta’s Ransomware Prevention Checklist

While ransomware is far from new, the rapid, global shift towards a new hybrid work culture that operates both inside and outside of the perimeter means organisations today are more vulnerable to attacks than ever before. While there’s no silver bullet when it comes to protecting your organisation from ransomware attacks, this guide will explore

CIAM Customer Success Stories

Customers’ expectations are rising. With plenty of choice in where they do business online, they’ve become impatient with clunky logins, complicated account creation and irrelevant content. Users expect every digital interaction to be effortless, private and secure – and any frustration or delay will often lead to abandoned baskets, and a customer lost to competitors

API Access Management

This whitepaper describes the modern API security landscape and how to effectively leverage OAuth 2.0 and API gateways for authentication and authorization from both an infrastructure and software development mindset. To date, most organizations have had hard boundaries between system administrators and their software development teams, where they occasionally interact, rarely coordinate, and never collaborate.

The Next Value Accelerator for IT

The COVID-19 pandemic has created several new difficulties for global workforces and brought many existing challenges into sharp relief. For the first time, tens of millions of people are suddenly working in relative isolation amid varying circumstances. They might be at their primary or secondary home, caring for parents or children, or even on a