Content Services Platform Solutions, 2023

During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies had to adapt and be agile to survive. In 2023, they will face new challenges due to the economic downturn, with some countries expected to be hit harder than others. This means looking for cost savings and efficiencies by implementing solutions such as content service platforms. This report compares solutions

Choosing Governance Based Enterprise Content Management

The purpose of this ECM Buyer’s Guide is to provide organizations with a concise overview of how to select an ECM system that will also support information governance best practices, as well as how to scope and plan a project based on business needs and objectives.This buyer’s guide is organized as follows: Introduction Quick reference

5 Things to Consider Before Making Microsoft 365 Your Only Privacy and Compliance Strategy

Whether you already have an existing data management solution and are thinking of switching to Microsoft, or you are starting from scratch, downloading the following white paper will give you an insight into five important aspects of managing your company’s privacy strategy: Privacy by Design Compliance Across a Hybrid Environment The Importance of Centralized Rule

IDOL’s AI Analytics and Professional Services

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Using unstructured data analytics for competitive advantage

Data analytics is an extensive technology that can be applied to many scenarios and use cases, providing capabilities to many areas of an organization. Infused with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, it is embedded throughout content management solutions including content services platforms, web content management (WCM) or digital experience management (DXM) platforms,

IDOL Unstructured Data Analytics

Today, data is more valuable than gold for many organizations. It’s a precious commodity. Supported by the right analytics solution, this data can create actionable insights that save lives and identify immediate risks with proper analysis. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning data analytics, organizations have access to realtime insight into both their own

Information Governance Executive brief ebook

In this day and age, information governance is something that your business simply cannot afford to overlook. Information Governance (IG) is a new approach to managing information. It builds upon and adapts disciplines like records management and retention, archiving, business analytics, and IT governance to create an integrated model for harnessing and controlling enterprise information.

Is it Time to Consider Automated Classification?

Part One: A Better Approach Is Needed Abstract: This white paper is Part 1 of a two-part series. Part 1 outlines the factors that are compelling enterprises to consider automated records management tools, including solutions that offer automated classification – for effective retention of needed records and defensible disposition of expired records and non-records materials.