Digital Transformation Whitepapers

2022 Digital Trends — Media and Entertainment in Focus

With nearly 10,000 participants in the 2022 study, more than 95,000 businesspeople from every continent (including Antarctica) have contributed their time and insights to this research since its inception in 2010. Their contributions make this the largest and most durable international study of how digital trends are changing the marketing discipline. Adobe and Econsultancy would

Five steps to master digital customer engagement

Digital customer engagement is evolving quickly. This year, customers will spend 25% more with companies that get digital transformation right. Web chat, social messaging apps and chatbots hold tremendous potential for customer engagement and support. But customer experience leaders often feel they’ve yet to realize the full potential of these digital channels. This ebook lays

Practical guide to web messaging

Web messaging builds your relationship with customers. Engagement, which was once transactional and offered limited ways to interact with you, has evolved into persistent conversation that have the flexibility to pause and resume at a pace the customer chooses. There’s always a process when you interact with customers and there are specific ways to make

Practical guide to Mastering chatbots.

Chatbots offer valuable 24/7 support to businesses, providing an automated alternative to sending all inquiries directly to agents — without sacrificing quality. Well-trained bots can answer customers’ most common, high-volume questions and enable agents to focus on higher value conversations. Keep the big picture in mind. Delivering consistent, meaningful experiences requires a unified approach to

Video Streaming Industry Report 2021

The global streaming industry experienced further expansion in 2021 as consumers consolidated the new behavior patterns that emerged with the pandemic. Yet competition is becoming increasingly fiercer, with established providers and newcomers alike bidding for the viewers’ attention and experimenting with new monetization models.

Building a stronger future for software vendors powered by AWS

Your path to innovation. As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) operating in a highly competitive and fast-changing marketplace, you’re under increasing pressure to continually modernize and innovate. It’s the only way to meet customers’ growing demands for more convenient software solutions such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. If you’re not keeping up, you risk missing out.