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Accelerate your cloud

Businesses everywhere are grappling with change, led by evolving customer expectations and shifting market conditions. To help overcome these challenges, organizations need to develop and deploy new applications with speed and efficiency. In partnership since 2008, Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide businesses with the tools and resources they need to make innovation

The automated enterprise

The pace and scale of modern business innovation is increasing. Many industries are experiencing widespread disruption. Digitally connected customers demand more at a faster pace. New competition comes from outside of traditional market segments. These trends place competitive pressures on businesses.

Choose the right automation platform for Microsoft Azure

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure, a managed application, helps IT organizations quickly automate and scale in a cloud environment, with the flexibility to deliver any application, anywhere, without additional overhead or complexity. Enterprises using Microsoft Azure can now use those same powerful features with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure with

Cloud automation delivers business value

The growth of the public cloud continues unabated after over a decade of rapid expansion and is likely to remain strong: IDC research shows that 52% of production transactions are still performed on premises for large enterprises. However, this percentage is declining every quarter. As companies move new and existing applications to the cloud, there

Bring instant automation to Microsoft Azure

Moving to a cloud environment brings numerous advantages for organizations. One advantage is reducing the IT and infrastructure expenses needed to run and maintain hardware and software. Moving to a cloud environment also introduces opportunities to streamline business processes that can potentially save costs and time across the organization. But these moves also present new

Automate your hybrid cloud at scale

IT automation can help you maximize the value of your cloud investments to support digital initiatives and innovation. Accordingly, 80% of business executives say adopting IT automation is “extremely important” or “very important” to the future success of their organization. Cloud automation—applying IT automation to cloud technologies—can help you overcome the operational challenges associated with

IDC EDGE Automation Red Hat Intel On-Demand Webinar

This webinar which discusses how automating data and infrastructure at the Edge is driving innovation and growth, aims to help viewers understand what’s really happening in the Edge market. The conductor is Andrew Buss, Research Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC. He is joined by two guest speakers: Salim Khodri, EMEA Edge Computing Go To Market

Automation at the edge: 7 industry use cases and examples

IDC estimates worldwide edge technology spending will reach US$274 billion by 2025. In parallel with this growing investment, the number of connected devices—all generating huge volumes of data—is seeing massive growth. Organizations are also overseeing an increasing number of computing locations, some with intermittent connectivity and limited physical access. At the same time, privacy and

Automating the Last Mile: Ensuring Consistency and Scalability at the Edge

Edge solutions will drive the next wave of innovation as organizations execute digital transformation initiatives. Whether to automate operations, deliver rich customer experiences, or introduce new business models, edge solutions hold many benefits for enterprises. Additionally, CIOs want to take advantage of cloud-native application design and software-defined infrastructure with the freedom to deploy anywhere.