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The State of Virtualization: Overcoming Management Complexity Challenges and Benefits of Optimized Infrastructures

If one technology has changed how companies have done business over the past decade, it’s server virtualization. Virtualization has allowed IT to “run faster and jump higher,” offering IT capabilities that are not available with physical servers. Server virtualization has evolved beyond simple test and development environments to become an accepted practice, providing substantial operational

On the Path to Agility

Driven by a need for greater agility, a majority of organizations say they are embracing bimodal IT. This approach adjusts IT into two distinct modes: a traditional mode that emphasizes scalability and accuracy, and an agile mode that focuses on flexibility and speed. While enterprises plan to become more agile within three to five years,

Preparing for Private Cloud and Hybrid IT with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

Organizations are increasingly moving to private or hybrid cloud architectures. They are following the lead of cutting-edge Web companies that have built next-generation, scale-out infrastructures that are inherently different from traditional datacenters. It’s important to note that change is happening not just in the infrastructure but also across the entire stack, from middleware to applications

Standardized Operating Environments for I.T. Efficiency

Modern IT departments play an increasingly important and visible role in overall business success. With service quality and availability critical to business operations, IT departments must deliver effective and efficient services within budget to ensure competitiveness. However, the complexity of most companies’ IT infrastructures greatly hinders the ability to deliver on needs and priorities in

Contain Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency

As a strategic partner in your business, you face increasing demands from your line-of-business leaders for new functionality and advanced capabilities, which you must deliver with a constrained IT budget. What could you do to meet these expectations and add value to the business if you could contain costs, increase operational efficiency, and do more