IT Services Whitepapers

Experience as a service for public sector

How has the way in which citizens contact public sector organisations changed, and how does the public sector responds to citizens? Has there been a shift in the public sector’s attitude and approach to ‘customer service’, alongside a shift in methods of communication? Do citizens feel that the public sector understands their needs, intentions and

How Salesforce does Inside Sales

Inside sales are the foundation of a successful sales organization. That was true when I started in sales over 30 years ago — and it’s even more true today. Buyers expect speed. They need guidance during uncertain times. And in this rapidly changing world, they want honest, human interactions. Inside sales are an efficient model

Trends in Financial Services

What you´ll find in this report: For the “Trends in Financial Services” report, Salesforce Research surveyed financial services leaders worldwide at two key junctures: immediately preceding the pandemic, and again nearly a year later. Combined, these two studies provide perspective into the financial services industry’s evolution and what growth-minded organizations do differently from their competitors.

Respond Faster, Save Money: New Capabilities for a New Digital Era

This product launch includes new capabilities that will improve efficiency, protect revenue, and ensure resilience across teams. It’s a scary and challenging time. There are more demands on digital services than ever before. We’re all working apart. And budgets are tightening. We’re here to help you. Join our CEO Jennifer Tejada and senior product team