A guide to contact center benchmarking

Contact center managers have access to more data than ever before. As a leader, it is important to set your organization and business up for success by engaging in benchmarking to determine best business practices, critically evaluate your business and implement necessary changes has become essential for the success of any contact center. In order

How to prioritize CX in a cost-cutting environment

Many contact centers are being forced to cut costs while customer experience (CX) leaders must ensure they maintain and even elevate the quality of customer experiences they’re delivering. The imperative for great CX has not changed. Customers still expect a modern, seamless, omnichannel experience with fast, first contact resolution (FCR), and businesses can’t afford to

How unified communications and contact center integration drives business success

Delivering a great customer experience takes a village. In the age of hybrid and remote work, businesses must bring their applications together to bring their people together. By tightly integrating the contact center and business communications, organizations can break down barriers between employees and foster a customer-centric culture. When departments, teams, and employees can easily

The future of AI in the contact center

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is fundamentally shaping how contact centers operate, significantly improving customer experience while delivering cost savings and efficiencies. As evidence of its value grows, AI is increasingly considered a necessity to compete effectively by delivering faster, more accurate customer service. CX professionals understand the importance of AI, yet organizations still struggle to

The Talkdesk customer experience maturity model

Through their experience, they’ve developed the Talkdesk CX Maturity Model™ to help brands understand their current maturity level, set a vision for their ideal future state and create a roadmap to get there. And they are the only CX vendor to offer this valuable service for free. In this white paper, you’ll explore: • The

2021 Talkdesk global contact center KPI benchmarking report

Get a snapshot of contact center performance with five handpicked metrics. At Talkdesk, we know the importance of benchmarking in driving strategic business decisions. Featuring our proprietary data, the brand new Talkdesk KPI benchmarking report analyzes the impact of the turbulence of 2020 on contact center performance across five operational metrics applicable to every industry. What

Running a virtual call center: The technical challenges for IT

Today’s enterprise IT teams face demanding challenges to ensure call center operations can be maintained in a work-from-home environment. On top of technical barriers to enabling a virtual call center, there may be misalignment between IT stakeholders and organizational leaders. Though there are several ways to implement a virtual call center, IT leaders should consider