#1 Hybrid Cloud Backup Guide: Ultimate guide to owning your data on any cloud

Regardless of what the cloud looks like for your organization, Veeam® Platform delivers the #1 hybrid cloud backup solution that allows you to own your data on any cloud. Read this guide to learn about a cloud solution that offers: Broad, native support for any environment Centralized management to eliminate point products Cloud mobility and control to avoid platform lock in Modular flexibility that adapts when you need it to

Hybrid Cloud Backup For Dummies: Learn how to own and control your data across any cloud

Get this NEW Hybrid Cloud Backup For Dummies e‑book to learn how you can ease management complexities, lower costs and avoid platform lock‑in. Discover the importance of employing purpose‑built backup and recovery for each of your environments, while retaining ownership of your data. This e‑book will guide you on how to: Ensure data everywhere is protected Own and control your data across any cloud Manage disparate data and workflows

2023 Cloud Protection Trends: The future of cloud data protection

Download the report, Cloud Protection Trends for 2023, today to learn more about the above challenges, including: Hybrid- and multi‑cloud realities and their implication on data protection and security strategies Critical insights into the protection and security of cloud‑hosted virtual machines (VMs), databases and file shares, including SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365 The role of BaaS and DRaaS offerings, ranging from “self‑managed” to “white glove” And More!

Conversational Microsoft 365 Recovery Best Practices

The fact that organizations need to backup their Microsoft 365 deployments has been well established. Over the past several years myself and others have published countless books, articles, and blog posts explaining that Microsoft 365 is based on a shared responsibility model in which Microsoft is responsible for protecting the underlying infrastructure, and subscribers are

Microsoft 365® Backup

Microsoft 365 Backup For Dummies, Veeam Special Edition, addresses the data security challenges organizations face in today’s computing landscape by outlining the out-of-the-box security features in Microsoft 365 and uncovering the gaps that require action to achieve an effective backup and recovery strategy. It explains the game-changing functionalities in Microsoft 365 to drive productivity while

Conversational Microsoft Teams Backup

One of the business side effects of the global pandemic of 2020 has been the increased reliance on remote working. Face-toface meetings have become practically nonexistent, and businesses have begun relying extensively on video, voice and chatting communications applications such as Microsoft Teams. In this book you will learn: the different types of dat you

Top 10 Best Practices for vSphere Backups

Server virtualization is a widespread practice all around the world. In 2019, VMware is still the market leader in this sector and many Veeam® customers use VMware vSphere as their preferred virtualization platform. This white paper describes best practices that are specific for the backup and Availability of VMware vSphere with Veeam Backup & Replication™

Beyond Backup: 5 Principles to Success in 2020

Organizations today want more from their platforms. What organizations need is a forward-thinking vision, built off a backup solution that’s designed to accelerate business agility through automatic core backup and recovery capabilities while enabling intelligent data orchestration, governance and security across cloud, virtual and physical environments. This report covers five principles to success to help

Take Control of your Office 365 Data

SaaS vendors focus primarily on protecting their own infrastructure to meet their contractual service level agreements (SLAs), but that protection doesn’t extend to customer data created and stored on those platforms. This is understandable when you consider the potential liability issues, and most SaaS licensing includes a clause that specifies data protection is the responsibility