Escaping the Mainframe Trap

Mainframe environments have historically been the natural choice to run mission-critical business applications. However, as businesses plan their IT strategies for the next 5-10 years, how much of a role will the mainframe play? CIOs are increasingly questioning whether the mainframe will continue to be a strategic platform in the future. According to a recent

Rehost Development

The reliability and security of mainframe environments have made rehosting development the natural choice for mission-critical business applications. With the majority of mainframe processing power allocated to production and test environments, the mainframe is not the most appropriate platform for ongoing development.

Rehosting Testing

While mainframe environments have been the natural choice to run mission-critical business applications, the processing power of the mainframe is primarily allocated to the production and test environments. Often the test environment receives as much processing power as production and, in some instances, can receive a greater MIPs allocation. Testing can represent a significant proportion