Product Development in the Cloud: No Cause for Concern

Companies today are faced with the challenge of a complex and hypercompetitive global market. Aggressive competition from emerging economies coupled with increasing costs in creating continued innovation make product differentiation a challenge. For these companies to thrive globally, they need to look at how they can speed up their internal decision making, and also their

Ten Strategies for Becoming an Effective CAD Leader

Successful engineering organizations have two important things in common: they know how to utilize computer-aided design (CAD) technology in ways that consistently advance productivity and instill innovation in product development, and they are led by capable managers who know how to best leverage available CAD tools. You, too, can become an effective CAD leader by

Accurate Design Simulations Improve Product Development

Creating innovative products requires insights into design performance, and design engineers who can predict design behavior are more efficient, innovative, and successful. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation 3D CAD integrated analysis solutions, you can intuitively, accurately, and cost-effectively simulate how a product will perform, enabling you to dimension precisely and optimize designs while reducing prototyping and time-consuming