Secure Portable Browser Solution

Online banking has become a common practice among the consumer and corporate sectors, offering convenience and accessibility to users and increased revenue opportunities for financial organizations. The widespread adoption of such practices was built on the premise that access to these online applications were safe and that the communications between the banking customer and bank

Man in the Browser

The losses attributed to financial fraud are alarming. The financial services industry has become a primary target of cyber attacks on a global scale and, in 2009 alone, suffered losses totaling $54 billion – an increase from $48 billion in 2008. Of equally grave concern to financial services institutions is the damage cybercrime can cause

Implementation Primer – Implementation Guidelines for Creating a Secure Browser

The success of multi-factor authentication implementations in addressing security threats and attacks, such as eavesdropping, password guessing, phishing, social engineering, Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) and the like, is well known. This has also challenged hackers and cybercriminals to continue developing new kinds of attacks in their ongoing quest to steal data and identities, and commit fraud. SafeNet