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The proven, reliable, and secure cloud for Windows Our proven tools and processes can help you migrate and run your Windows workloads. Join millions of customers who have already migrated to AWS for greater performance and lower costs. In the eBook, discover the three-phase process of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for Windows to

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Get better performance, security, and availability for less Leading organizations are doing more for less by moving their on-premises and business-critical Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to AWS. Download the infographic to discover how your organization can improve performance, security, availability, and cost savings through: Optimized infrastructure and reduced licensing footprint Better performance and

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Thrive in the digital era with speed and agility Migrating and modernizing with AWS can help you drive the sustainable transformation you need to win in today’s hyper-competitive business world. This eBook provides prescriptive guidance for every step of your journey. Read it now to discover: Why migration and modernization are critical How to rethink

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Innovate by migrating to the most secure cloud Looking for a way to secure your data in the cloud? A provider who demonstrates these six benefits can help you transform the way you operate, freeing up resources to focus on your core business, all while making your organization more secure. Read the eBook Migrate with Confidence

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Find your motivation for cloud migration Helping thousands of organizations successfully migrate to the cloud has given us robust insights into their motivations, as well as the key processes that make the journey worth the effort. Read the eBook to discover how migrating with AWS enables your organization to: Reduce operational costs by up to