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Transforming Big Data into Profitable Business Insight

There is more data available today than ever before, but many organisations do not get the full value and business insight they need to run their businesses and stay competitive. Download this whitepaper to learn how to get the most from your data resources. HPE Proliant Gen9 servers powered by Intel®Xeon® processors Intel, the Intel

Modernise your SAP Business Processing Applications

Mission-critical business processing applications are the backbone of the enterprise. If applications like ERP, CRM, or SCM do not run at peak performance levels, neither does your business. Meeting the needs of customers and staff requires 24x7x365 availability, no downtime allowed. Anything less can result in lost or delayed orders, degraded customer service, reduced staff

Application Migration to On-Premises Cloud

Today’s IT organisation is expected to play a leading role in increasing revenue and margins, improving employee productivity, differentiating from the competition, and enhancing customer experience. In the modern enterprise, IT is a driver of business growth. Find out more about Application migration by downloading this whitepaper HPE Proliant Gen9 servers powered by Intel®Xeon® processors

Managing Data at Petabyte Scale with Object Storage

IT must be able to efficiently store and access the right data instantly. But traditional file and block storage architectures are being challenged by today’s explosive growth of data. New data sources like social media, the Internet of Things, mobile apps, etc. have existing storage networks bursting at the seams. Download this whitepaper to find

Moving Technology Infrastructure into the Future: Value and Performance through Consolidation

IT consolidation is the act of reducing the number of physical IT assets in operation by using more efficient technologies, such as virtualization, to support better capacity utilization, process automation, and reduced operating costs. This paper explores why and how mid-market firms are consolidating their IT infrastructures. It provides results from a recent global study

Making Business Communication More Productive: The Impact of Better Collaboration in the Mid-Market

This white paper explores why and how mid-market organizations are confronting business communications and collaboration challenges. It provides results from a recent study to help companies benchmark their progress as well as offers guidance on choosing the right solutions to address specific communications and collaboration needs. Powered by HP and Intel® Intel, Intel Logo, are

Windows 8 is Changing the Game

Windows 8 is revolutionary. It combines the convenience and ease of use of modern touch-screen operating systems with the capabilities of the powerful and mature Windows PC operating system. With Windows 8, single devices offer the convenience of mobile devices and the power, interoperability and manageability of traditional PCs.

Mind the Virtual Gap-Convergence of Everything

In the last 7 years, virtualization has profoundly changed the IT world. In 2013, even though the latest buzz may have shifted towards cloud computing, big data and mobility, virtualization remains the foundation for all of the above. With wide ranging benefits that include reduced capital and other operational costs, greater IT efficiency and agility,

Converged Infrastructure Matures And Proves Its Value

Converged infrastructure (CI) solutions have been widely adopted by a range of enterprises, and they offer significant value across a variety of applications. Forrester has seen steady growth in deployment of CI, systems that integrate server, storage, networking, I/O virtualization, and potentially entire application stacks, over the past couple of years, a result of firms