How to Grow SaaS Revenue, Profits and Market Share with Use-Appropriate Software Licensing and Pricing: A SaaS Business Models White Paper

The initial wave of software-as-a-service (SaaS) was characterized by “one-size-fits-all” pricing. This was largely because SaaS vendors were out to pioneer a new market—and simplicity was a cornerstone of their pitch to early adopters. The offer of extremely simple and economical pricing helped these vendors overcome whatever resistance they may have encountered to a new

Software Business Impacts from Machine Virtualization Protecting Monetization in a Virtual World

Machine virtualization has swept through enterprises, big and small – creating significant issues for both software producers and enterprise customers – and a wide “vendor-customer gap” in customer desires and application vendors’ practices. Specifically, the way that enterprise IT organizations install, provisions administer and use application software is likely decoupled from how application vendors build,

Software Updates and the Customer Relationship: Eight Issues That Impact Retention, Profit and Your Ability to Compete in Today’s Tech-Centric Marketplace

Why you should care about software updates? While one might expect that only software vendors would care about software updates, it turns out that many high-tech manufacturers and enterprises are also in the software business today. In fact, many high-tech manufacturers provide customers with software add-ons or embedded software in hardware products. And, many enterprises