Ilex International

Case Study – Security: A key challenge for Société Générale

The Société Générale group implements a platform combining authentication, identity federation and rights management. By selecting technologies from Ilex International and expertise from Business & Decision, Société Générale reinforced the level of security of their IT system and optimised the management of identities and their application rights. The challenges faced by Société Générale: Improve security

Case Study: how Leroy Merlin implemented Ilex’s SSO solution for its stores workers

Leroy Merlin’s first collaboration with Ilex International was based on the implementation of contactless authentication and SSO on shared workstations in its stores. Today, Leroy Merlin continues to modernise its employees’ work environment by providing them with the same user comfort on tablets. The challenges faced by Leroy Merlin: Modernise the work environment of sales

Ilex- IAM challenges solved: 4 real examples

Four real examples of how organisations have solved identity and access management (IAM) challenges Choosing the right Identity and access management solution solves a variety of risk management, resourcing, control and compliance issues. Know who has access to sensitive data and applications Make passwords work for both business users and security professionals Maintain complete visibility

Breach Confidence Index

The Breach Confidence Index is a benchmark survey created to monitor the level of confidence that businesses have when it comes to security breaches. This report reveals the current level of confidence, the number of businesses owning up to an attack and the reasons they have suffered security breaches. The report aims to offer advice