Setting Information Free – How Cloud-based Collaboration is Eradicating Data Silos

HOW CLOUD-BASED COLLABORATION IS ERADICATING DATA SILOS Today’s cloud-based collaboration platforms are transforming the way enterprises secure, share and unlock the value of corporate information. Learn more on the below NEXT-GENERATION COLLABORATION BREAKING DOWN SILOS MELDING AGILITY AND GOVERNANCE THE ROLE OF CONTROLS APIS AND ECOSYSTEMS CHOOSING A PROVIDER Download this whitepaper

Protecting Data With Secure Collaboration Solutions

In today’s distributed enterprise, the need to share information has gone beyond what traditional systems provide. Employees have become used to the convenience that consumer-grade file sync and share (FSS) solutions provide in their personal lives and are looking for the same simple and easy-to-use solutions at work. At the same time, cloud networks are

How Dropbox for Business helps IT reduce risk

Legacy file sharing solutions were designed to keep internal data secure. They don’t, however, provide safeguards for external sharing and user mobility — and this can introduce unexpected IT risk. With Dropbox for Business, users are enabled to share internally and externally without compromising your ability to control and monitor the flow of data. Sharing

Dropbox for Business—Enhancing Enterprise Applications

Dropbox recently introduced several new enhancements to its business collaboration and productivity solution, Dropbox for Business. These new enhancements include tools for productivity, collaboration, enterprise file management, and security, and build on the continuing momentum of the vendor’s vision of a simplified and secure business collaboration and sharing process focused on supporting heterogeneous workflows.