Rethink Your Branch Network Strategy – Create More Flexible, More Productive Branch Networks

Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technologies are fundamentally changing enterprise computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. They are also driving a complete rethinking of enterprise networking architectural strategy. The well-documented impact of these disruptive technologies affect everything from server strategies to power requirements. However, one of the most affected areas—the enterprise network

iEverything Enterprise Whitepaper

Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) are easily the most exciting development in computing devices in the post-laptop era. The key considerations for using MIDs on a network are the same as for any other device on a wireless LAN. Security remains a paramount consideration. If network administrators cannot ensure the security of both network communications and

Scottish Retailer Chooses Aerohive from the Warehouse to Headquarters to over 260 Retail Stores

When Scotmid started looking for a Wi-Fi solution for their warehouse, they quickly recognized the need for wireless technology to support future applications at other locations as well, including the Co-op’s modern, three-story headquarters building and its 260+ retail stores. What Scotmid wanted was a single wireless LAN solution capable of meeting the needs of