Fast and Secure Using Automation

Developments in IT advancing with ever-greater speed. Where decades passed between Zuse’s Z1 and the first PCs, now the industry is seeing evolutions pratically every month. As the performance and variety of devices grows, so do the demands involved in managing them. Learn more by downloading this whitepaper

Mobile Device Management

Fixed PCs in the office are increasingly being supplemented by mobile devices that enable employees to read and reply to emails on the move and to edit other content. While this may provide hitherto unknown flexibility for employees, it also presents new challenges to IT departments. Learn more about Mobile device management by downloading this

Automating Administration

IT development continues at an ever more rapid pace. Where decades passed between the arrival of Zuse’s Z1 and the first PCs, nowadays the industry comes up with evolutions practically month by month. As the performance and variety of devices expands, so do the demands in terms of their administration.

Mobile Device Management – What must a solution achieve?

It seems like smartphones and tablets can turn their hand to almost anything these days. Mobile devices have now become the best way to carry out standard tasks such as reading your emails or searching the Internet. It’s no wonder that sales figures are always hitting new records. These devices are increasingly being used to