Agile BI and Reporting Solutions

In today’s global, dynamic environment, agile and pervasive business intelligence (BI) is critical to success. Traditional approaches to BI separate transactional and analytical data through physical data replication resulting in complex, multi-tiered BI infrastructures that were not designed to be agile. Despite advances in BI technology, the traditional approach struggles to access dynamic data across

Data Virtualization Goes Mainstream

Over the past 25 years, the revolution of business information systems and their corresponding data stores have transformed how global organizations produce and use information. This has happened in three parallel realms across overlapping time frames – enterprise business applications, personal productivity and content applications, and the Web. Learn more by downloading this whitepaper

Data Warehouse Off-loading

The data warehouse off-loading cookbook is a deep dive into one of the data virtualization patterns that are vital in a modern data processing infrastructure. This document will explain what a hybrid data warehouse is, what role each of the components plays in the big picture and how to implement successful data warehouse offloading in