Ultimate guide to contract management

You might see contract management as something that only pertains to legal or finance. But if you’re responsible for closing deals, you’re more involved with contracts than you realize. Because contracts are binding and govern over 80% of transactions and value, every business should care very much about what they contain. This guide outlines the

The 7 essential documents to automate for business success

Agility is a key topic in today’s business landscape, as speed and efficiency are the cornerstones of any successful organization. When companies have the ability to quickly adapt or shift direction to respond to evolving customer needs, it’s easier to keep up with market changes. The truth, though, is that most organizations don’t move as

3 ways to make legal more effective and agile

Every department in an organization is expected to drive bottom-line results—including legal and sales. But while the two teams must partner together on closing revenue, only legal has the added responsibility of protecting the business from risk, which can significantly complicate its partnership with sales. In most organizations, these complications play out in everyday processes