It’s All About Security

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets may be putting your corporate information at risk. Lost or stolen devices that are not password protected, or information in corporate email or business applications transmitted wirelessly, but not encrypted, can easily expose confidential data. Learn several strategies to protect your enterprise mobile devices and data.

Ecommnet Ltd. (Case Study)

UK-based Oasis Medical Solutions Ltd. engaged Ecommnet Ltd. to mobilize the test results component of its Patient Administration System in order to enable clinicians and other hospital staff to access and review test results more quickly on their iPhone. Faced with an extremely aggressive development timetable, Ecommnet deployed Sybase technology, SQL Anywhere as the data

Seizing the Mobile Enterprise

Three business trends are fueling strong demand for mobilized versions of enterprise applications: • Rapid uptake of smartphone adoption among information workers • Sufficient power and connectivity speed to power true enterprise-level capabilities • Steady increase in support for on-the-job smartphone use by employers These mobile market trends are converging to create a singularly pivotal

Mobility Management for Dummies

In this informative Dummies Guide, you’ll learn why mobility management and security is vital to your business. Plus, we’ll introduce some of the best solutions and why you need to be prepared for the future—today! Get your Mobility Management for Dummies Guide now, compliments of Sybase.

Enterprise Solutions for iPhone

The iPhone is emerging as a leading mobile device for users who want consumer applications as well as secure access to enterprise data. Sybase uniquely offers enterprise-class device management and security, pre-built applications and data-driven development tools to strengthen iPhone adoption in the enterprise. Securing iPhone for Enterprise Use Sybase provides robust over-the-air provisioning of