Mobile Operators Driving Revenue from Rural IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues its dramatic growth globally, becoming a common thread in the woven cloth of technology. But the magnitude of devices and the amount of signaling and data they will produce, needs to be a top concern of mobile operators. In this e-book, “Mobile Operators Driving Revenue from Rural IoT Use

Not All Text Messaging Providers Are Created Equal

There are a number of new and exciting communications tools and channels that are being introduced as technology continues to evolve. If your provider isn’t prepared to quickly adopt the next up-and-coming messaging channels, you’ll fall behind, too. For example, adoption of advanced Rich Communication Services (RCS) is fast approaching.This channel will enable users to

Infuse intelligence into your customer engagements

We all have different lifestyles and motivations to buy. We all interact with technology differently, and we can’t stand it when a brand doesn’t get us. Believe it or not, this opens up a world of opportunity. Imagine being seen as the brand that truly understands your customers. With the power of intelligent engagement, it’s

Emergency and Crisis Communications for Your Business

One of the most essential elements of any emergency preparedness plan is being able to quickly communicate with your employees and customers. When a crisis or disaster occurs, your business needs to communicate with your employees and customers, fast—before, during and after the event. Mobile communications not only give you the real-time engagement you need,

CPaaS – Future of Mobile Messaging Guide

Mobile messaging has changed how companies talk to their customers. Simple one-way texts enable a wide variety of activities from authentication to sign-up, delivery confirmation to promotions and more. And businesses are now finding new ways to make the most of the medium. They are exploring ‘rich communications’ via new messaging formats such as RCS,