Artificial intelligence Whitepapers

Increase your CX effectiveness using conversational AI

Artificial intelligence is increasingly critical to the customer experience Amazon suggests items to buy you didn’t realize you needed. Netflix cues up the next episode in seconds. And Tesla pushes over-the-air software updates of new features for your car via Wi-Fi. Consumers have grown accustomed to these exceptional experiences and — regardless of your industry

IDOL’s AI Analytics and Professional Services

Jaguar TCS Racing The team competes in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, an all-electric street racing series that showcases what sustainable mobility technology can do. ABB FIA Formula E interactively involves more than 300 million fans, and the championship contributes to pushing electric vehicles to the forefront for a better, cleaner future.

Machine learning drives results

While machine learning has moved beyond the hype to become a meaningful driver of value, many organizations struggle to understand where it should be applied to make the most impact. In this eBook, we have outlined seven leading use cases where organizations have successfully applied machine learning to solve business problems and achieve fast, efficient,

The AI & Machine Learning Imperative

Companies across various industries are seeking to integrate AI & machine learning (ML) into workflows for a wide range of essential processes, including customer service, supply chain, operations, and strategic decision-making. However, it can be difficult for today’s leaders and their teams to separate the market hype from meaningful business value. This MIT Sloan Management

Find relevant information faster

Tackle organizational inefficiencies by innovating beyond traditional search tools that can hinder productivity. In this eBook from AWS, you’ll discover the significant ways that intelligent search unlocks new possibilities for enterprises, including boosting productivity, improving customer interactions, and accelerating research and development. Read Seven Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs Intelligent Search to find out how

Grow business with personalization

Today’s customers expect more, but your business can be one step ahead. Act fast to meet the rising demands for personalized, tailored experiences. Machine learning-powered personalization changes how customers interact with brands and their products to deliver better business outcomes and increase brand loyalty. Read this eBook to discover how you can use AWS services

Easily extract document data

Machine learning-powered document processing changes the equation for data extraction and helps organizations gain insights from thousands to millions of documents quickly, easily, and at scale. Read the AWS eBook, Set Your Document Data Free to learn how intelligent document processing (IDP) is taking data that was previously difficult to extract and providing fast, easy

Get up to speed with the latest machine learning use cases

Machine learning (ML) is transforming industries. The barriers to widespread use of ML are rapidly disappearing thanks to the cloud. The cloud brings together data, low-cost storage, security, and ML services along with the high-performance CPU- and GPU-based compute instances that are essential to ML success. As the barriers come down, business can add conversational