Evolution of payments in the ‘Now Economy’

Enabling a smooth payments experience for customers is crucial to maximise sales and growth potential in an omnichannel world. But as payment innovations and consumer expectations continue to evolve, how can companies keep up? The payments landscape has transformed significantly in recent years, driven by developments in technology and fast-changing consumer expectations. The role payments

No touching: Contact free payment options

Visa and Mastercard have recently increased the Contactless payments from £30 to £45, thereby reducing the number of instances customers have to handle a terminal to authorise payment. The use of cash has sharply declined in recent years. Since Covid-19 crisis started, we’ve seen a lot of shops stop taking cash, to minimize the risk

Going online: Turning your restaurant to online takeaway

Unlike other global events that have shaken public confidence in the past, e.g. the financial crash of 2008, COVID-19 will inflict potential long-term economic hardship. In this eBook, we will look at some quick win opportunities which could help your business support the community you live in. We’ll keep the information as updated as we

How to start an e-commerce business

With the opening of non-essential businesses still entirely dependent on a number of factors, many businesses are pivoting to an e-commerce business model for the very first time. E-commerce is an effective way of maintaining sales during these strange times, as more and more people shift to online shopping habits regardless. And it is actually